Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Welcome to the Wilderness

I went to my favourite night club on Saturday evening...it is called 'The Wilderness'.

I was not surrounded by walls and a roof but instead, mountains and skyscapes...

Immerse yourself with wilderness...
My perfect Saturday night out is quite different to most folk. The connections are non-comparable. I wasn't seeing any females with a grill that looked like it had been dipped in Ronseal, or any shaved chimps that looked like they had been kicked through Topman. Instead I was seeing Hen Harriers quartering the hillsides, Eagles owning the skylines and some unbelievably diverse scenery of mountains and lochs all bathed in weak golden light. 

The soundscapes consisted of Meadow Pipits fluttering above the bell heather and a solitary Golden Plover vocalising near the summit. The silence and tranquillity was the best soundtrack of the night as DJ mother nature breathed very delicately throughout the evening period. The light breeze creeping through the silver birch woodlands making 'the lady of the woods' dance elegantly with her fine branches moving to the beat of nature.

The following day I felt so elevated. I had walked over eight miles on undulated terrain, breathing in the freshest air in the lands. This increased my fitness and circulated blood throughout my body, releasing endorphins to my brain which increases your mental well being and triggers a positive feeling.  

I got such a high from my time in the enchanted lands. Instead of trying to escape from life I was immersing myself with the real world, also known as the natural world, fine tuned over 4.6 billion years.

Adventure does not find you indoors...who is joining me next time?...I cant wait...nothing beats nature.