Friday, 5 June 2015

May on Mull...

Here are some of my wildlife encounters from the month...

I watched a male Wood Warbler dancing around a beech tree, performing its wonderful song from every different branch it could. Who needs to go to Papa New Guinea and see birds of paradise when we have them right here!
While crewing on a couple of Sea Life Surveys excursions we encountered some splinter groups of common dolphins performing their usual exuberance!
Coll of the Eagle! - A pair of WTEs have colonised the north end of Coll. The local shag and geese populations have changed their behaviour and acting the way they should be now that the ecosystem is complete again!
Female Palmate Newt in Aros Park, Tobermory. I led two guided walks from a cruise ship and this was one of our wonderful moments.
Minke whale associating with our boat for nearly an hour! My pet dog back home does not associate as much as this young whale did during the encounter!
Second year Glaucous Gull in Tobermory harbour.
Red-tailed Bumblebee (worker) feeding from Bluebells in Knock.
Pomarine Skua! check out the spoons! We have had a small number of Pom and Arctic Skuas on passage throughout the month. Andy Tait had a group of four Long-tailed Skuas on a marine excursion on the 17th May.