Monday, 4 May 2015

Sharing nature...

I have managed to capture most of my memorable wild moments on camera in the last fortnight so here is a photo compilation with captions included...
A male Northern Viper coiled up in the ling and bell heather on the Island of Mull.
The king! - A gronking raven calling from a pronounced hummock, fertilized through generations of birds using it as a prime vantage point. West Morverns classic basaltic layered landscape in the backdrop.
Stunning altocumulus castellanus clouds hanging over the Ardnamurchan peninsula...
Sand Martin feeding on the wing around Loch na Keal. I could watch these birds for hours, truly wonderful...
While we were waiting for our venison burger from Loch na Keal Meals we observed a number of common gulls copulating.
Richie Rich out filming sand martins, common sandpipers and common gulls on Loch Na Keal. Ben More showing its snow capped peak in the back drop.
Peacock feeding on primroses.
Unbelievable! - Rachel and I discovered a dead heron near Quinish and ever since I heard about their grooming claw I wanted to see one up close! They have a comb structure on their middle claw which they use to groom their plumage, to remove greasy prey remains. Herons also have a patch of feathers on their breasts called 'powder down' The feathers brake into a powdery substance which the birds use to smear over their plumage to soak up any moisture. They use the grooming claw to maximize this strategy.
Garden tiger moth caterpillar..beautiful
Oil Beetle discovered near Loch Torr, thanks to Rachel for the ID
Cock Whinchat north of Loch Frisa.
Thanks for looking :)

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  1. Great photo of the Raven, Ewan! You not only captured the bird and the moment, but the wider essence of 'wildness'. Brilliant!