Sunday, 1 March 2015

Lunchtime Lichen Challange

I set myself a lunchtime challenge to learn more about my gardens lichen species. View the results below along with twelve amazing facts about them! 

Evernia Prunastri (Oak Moss)
Common Green Shield
Cladonia Coniocraea
New Oak Moss Growth?
Golden Shield Lichen (Xanthoria parietina)
Hammered Shield Lichen
Twelve amazing Lichen facts...
  • Lichen covers 8% of the landmass on planet earth
  • They inhabit nearly every environment, from polar regions to shallow oceanic areas
  • They have an essential relationship with trees by providing nitrogen 
  • A concentrated area in Russia was managed for timber and lichens and a discovery was made that once a large percentage of lichen were removed, the health of the trees declined rapidly.
  • Lichen was introduced to outer space for 14 days and taken back to earth where the organisms continued to live and flourish. 
  • Some of the oldest lichens are 4500 years old and are still living since the retreat of the last ice age. 
  • Lichens inspired xmas tinsel!
  • Reindeer lichen is 60-70% of their food source!
  • They play a vital role in rock weathering by breaking them down to produce integral minerals for all life on earth!
  • The longest lichen strands recorded are 10 feet.
  • One tree in Papua New Guinea had 173 lichen species on it.

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