Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Look up - This is what you could win

The 24th solar cycle recorded its most intense storm reaching 8.66kp during the day of 17th March. This provided a large amount of media attention and social networking as a lot of people waited in hope for clear skies and a chance of a display in lower latitude locations. 

The forecast was solid cloud all evening/night in north Cumbria but thankfully Michael Fish had a stinker as there was not a cloud in all night! Most of the aurora display with the naked eye was a pale glow on the horizon reaching about 35 degrees up but a two minute burst provided a great show with rippling columns reaching 60 degrees almost overhead! Here my two best captures with Jockey Shield house and gardens in the frame. I counted twelve cars come up to Geltsdale to see the aurora with the last people arriving at 1am.

Jockey Shield under the rippling lights...
Every natural spectacle is always extra special when local...
Eclipse from the garden, Tawny owl started calling!
Another astronomical spectacle later on in the week with a 95% solar eclipse from Geltsdale on the 20th. The forecast was true for this day as low stratus cloud covered much of the sky but small gaps and weak cloud provided the opportunity to observe the display with the cloud acting as a very handy filter. The light turned into a moody atmosphere as a tawny owl started calling and song thrushes providing a strong melody.

A delay in posting but myself and my dad enjoyed the starling roost in Portland Sq Carlisle earlier in the month with 30,000 birds shaping beautifully around the urbanian setting.

Portland Sq Starling roost!
A nice urbanian setting
John enjoyed the display and so did my car! Shit happens, accept it and get on with your day...
A nice bird record on the 23rd March with a green woodpecker calling very near by, not recorded in the valley for a number of years. Later that day a black grouse was displaying again just over the garden boundary. 

Not too many wildlife records to report recently as I have been busy planning for my return to Mull at the end of the month so will keep you updated with my encounters and discoveries when back in the Hebrides.     

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