Thursday, 1 May 2014

Isle of Mull / SLS - second home/hame/yam

I am back on the isle of Mull for my fifth season with the marine tourism/research based operator Sea Life Surveys. I feel very much part of the SLS family and proud to be assigned as head guide for this season.
I love the tradition and history involved with the company and the inspirational story of how Richard Fairbairns (Popz) triggered awareness, research and cetacean based marine tourism in the Hebrides over 30 years ago. A company created through pure passion, curiosity and an admiration for the natural world.
I love the adventurous nature of the marine excursions and the challenge of tracking a wide variety of species in their own environment whatever the conditions may be from flat calm sunshine to cold, wet and windy storm levels. 
I love having the opportunity to enthuse the thousands of guests that we have on board throughout the season. If I manage to encourage just one person to spend more time with nature then that would be worth more than any pay cheque. 
I love the research involved like identifying individual whales, been on first name terms with them and also seeing the changes to a concentrated area of sea throughout a season. 

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