Thursday, 3 October 2013

MULL@NIGHT - Glengorm, Duart & Salen Bay

I covered another few sites for my Mull@Night project which were well known places on the isle in Glengorm, Duart and Salen Bay. 

On Glengorm estate on the 20th September it was 15% cloud cover and a 95% harvest moon to work with for the night. The main point of interest I chose was the standing stones just down from the castle as I thought with the motion of the cloud and the strong moonlight it would be an eerie effect for the bronze age structure. 

I shot 300 frames using an exposure of only 10 seconds because of the strong lunar light. I used my 10mm fisheye lens, aperture 2.8 and ISO 1600. 

The strong moonlight lit up the landscape nicely but then it produced a lot less stars on show so the balance was not quite right. The stretched fish-eye frame can be a nice effect but I will not use it every time as I don't think it always produces a natural view of surroundings and I think it is always important to keep the realism in photography. I may be back to the standing stones to do another sequence in the next few weeks.

On the 30th September I did Duart castle and Salen bay on a lovely full starlit sky with no moonlight present. I did 200 frames on the castle and apart from Lismore lighthouse providing a bit of light for the building it was not quite enough and it was more of a silhouette. I was hoping to capture some boat traffic working the sound of Mull but it was quiet. I did capture some iridium flares flashing across the sky which came out nice.  

I headed north to Salen bay at about midnight just as Jupiter was arising to the east. One of the most popular places to photograph on the isle has to be the boat wreck at the bay and this was a great place to start. I shot 50 frames before my battery died and it was a good trial to get the best angle and position as I will be back again later in the month.

A strong CME hit the earths magnetic field on the 2nd October producing a strong aurora display seen in some parts of Scotland but solid cloud on Mull prevented any viewing.

Salen Bay boat wreck star trail...

Duart castle...

Glengorm standing stones...fisheye 10mm