Thursday, 13 June 2013

State of Nature - Iolo Williams

An inspirational speech by Iolo Williams regarding the newly publicized state of nature report...A MUST watch...


  1. Late with my comment Ewan as your link to my blog seems not to work and appeared as though you had not been blogging.
    Great to hear someone with a passion for nature who is willing to speak his mind. Far too many are more inclined to try to keep onside with all so as to be liked and admired. Far better to tell a few home truths and be respected, even if it means shaking things up a bit, for it I think! Pity this speech wasn't put on Springwatch!!! It might snap a few viewers out of la la land.
    It's time that conservation agencies and organisations got their act together and entered the twenty-first century as it is. Are people willing to stand up and be counted? Apart from the few, I have my doubts, certainly from within my generation. Hopefully the younger generations will have more ambition and fight within them. I certainly hope so.
    I'll catch up with the blog. Keep it coming. Brian

  2. An excellent speech!! It pulls no punches and hopefully it shall be seen by many!

    It has the potential to create a major stir with the 'powers that be,' which in turn my prompt some positive action (if that isn't being overly optimistic).

  3. Linda Robinson22 June 2013 at 16:25

    He is so right, it applies to the whole of Great Britain not just Wales, we have lost so much in the last 50 years, it really is time to stand up and be counted

  4. bravo Iolo...

  5. Heartening speech. Great to hear some straight talking instead of beaurocratic spin. This all applies to New Zealand too. Those involved in nature conservation need to step up or step aside.

    1. Of course in "100% Pure, Clean Green NZ" our Ministry for the Environment has axed our five yearly State of the Environment Report. It's as if we have something to hide.