Sunday, 26 May 2013

Gary Storey Photography

Gary's photography facebook page

500px photography page ...

My friend Gary has been an experienced photographer and all round naturist from the day I first met him back in 2008. The best thing about him is his willingness to help others including myself as he is always happy to pass on his photography / wildlife knowledge to improve other people. 

 He still finds time around work and study to get out in the field and capture some amazing images in wild areas. Enjoy his collection below and view his new facebook and 500px pages for more images from himself.

Click on image for a larger scale...

Sycamore Gap, Hadrians Wall, Milky Way, If you have seen the film Robin Hood prince of Thieves
you will recognise this spot... 

Winter's Gibbet, a hanging stock. The final hanging was held here on August 10th 1792, William Winter, Jane & Eleanor Clark were executed for murder and this Gibbet has been left as a "Monument for Murder" 

River Gelt, stunning rock formation...

Sunset from Castle Carrock fell, HDR

Myself and Gary...watching the stars up on Geltsdale...

Thanks for looking :)


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