Saturday, 23 March 2013

Kitty the Toon

Article from Focusing on Wildlife ...

A Brand new series of children's books will be released in the UK in the coming years to help inspire the next generation about British wildlife. The first book is a story about Kittiwakes in the North-East of England which have colonised the city of Newcastle during the breeding season and have become the first inland colony in the world.

Fantastic illustrations by Barry Robson...   

Adult Kittiwakes flying over the Tyne Bridge

Newcastle is famous for its passion for football and the story is very clever with a newly fledged Kittiwake called 'Kitty' in traditional striped juvenile plumage who uses the black and white surroundings of the football supporters as a defensive/survival technique to avoid predation from another iconic bird of the north-east: the Red Kite. 

Newly fledged Kitty with football fans watching 

There is a lot of information provided about the breeding cycle of a Kittiwake and also of local landmarks of the great city. People of all ages can enjoy and learn from it. The author John Miles wants to improve awareness in the city so that the natives understand and appreciate this unique spectacle they have got. He also wants to create a legacy for people to point out the birds in the future and say "Look there's Kitty!"      

Kitty at the pitch-side

Forthcoming titles include:

"Screamer the Swift"
"Horus the Peregrine"
"Mavis the Song Thrush"
"Tony the Tawny Owl"

"Kitty the Toon" can be purchased here: