Saturday, 9 February 2013

Winter mode on Gdale...

Overnight snow made for a nice opportunity to experience Gdale in winter mode. Capturing some different photos as well as looking for tracks and signs in the fresh covering. I started in the Birch woodland cleaning out a few boxes ready for the season to come. Checking the ponds conditions as well with amphibians starting to move now. Roe Deer tracks in the woodland and also found Stoat and Badger tracks further up the valley. Checked out a couple of small crags on the hillside and found a Kestrel roost site with up to a hundred pellets piled up. Took a few with me and going to break them down to check on prey remains. A couple of Buzzards patrolling the valley and I am still amazed at the colouration on their under wings when you get the light reflecting off the snow upon to them.  

The top 20 most popular articles in 2012 were released by Focusing on Wildlife and my Eagle Owl article made it to 13th place out of over 1500 released last year.

Two WT Eagles have been poisoned in Ireland making a total of 26 killed from the release program...disgusting.

The important badger cull e-petition...keep on fighting

Heavy Snow up Gdale...Slow shutter and flash used to capture
falling snow flakes

Woodland pond looking in good shape ready for another breeding season...

Birch woodland in stunning winter mode...
Looking up the valley...Stone dykes are very photogenic...especially
with a covering of snow on top!
Guy Broomes photo of a Short-eared Owl while out birding with dad in the east...

A game of golf a few days later as the snow retreated very quickly with a wet mild spell. Golf courses provide good habitat for wildlife as they need rough wild areas to create hazards for the competing players. A Nuthatch singing and GS Woodpecker drumming were the highlights along with a small flock of Siskin in flight. When I got back home I found two Black Grouse, a cock and hen feeding in the traditional lekking field.


Unbelievable footage captured this week off the coast of Norway...Orcas, Humpbacks and Fin whales feeding hard...shoddy driving from the skipper though as he drove right into the middle of the feeding...causing disturbance and also increasing the risk of all on board the small RIB. 

Cheers 8-)