Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Photography captures of 2012...

Still enjoyed doing a bit of photography last year which is a rewarding added extra when out in the field. Here is a collection of my Favorite images of the year which have helped to capture my special memories.    

Which do you like best?

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Barnacle Geese on the Solway in mass of the best sights during the winter season...

Brow Wells Solway Sunset. Red Breasted Merganser in the foreground with Criffel in the backdrop...

Aurora Borealis, north Mull. A memorable encounter which lasted half an hour before the cloud rolled in. A strong moon on my back helped to light up the surrounding landscape. The green shafts rippled quite high up in the hebridean sky. I was already on a high after watching the miracle at Mediera where Europe's Ryder cup team came back to win the cup. 

Sunset at Salen Bay, In the height of summer the sun would set in a more northerly direction as we are looking up the sound of Mull here with a few boats moored up in the foreground. 

Tobermory as dusk. Capturing the reflected streetlights in the flat calm sheltered harbour. Looking north with the peak of Ben Hiant behind. 

A raft of Manx Shearwaters lift off in the sound of Mull. Showing off their characteristic effortless flight. Ardnamurchan peninsula in the back drop.

Pony Trekking on the exposed tide on Loch Na Keal. The snowy peaks of Ben More mountain range in the back drop.

A Minke whale surfacing in the sound of Mull with the remote village of Kilchoan in the background.

Mature Golden Eagle in flight displaying in the springtime.

Sunset from Balmanach, west Mull...

Aurora Borealis with Ardnamurchan lighthouse. The point is the most westerly tip of the mainland and was ideal for viewing the northern lights with no light disturbance. A sudden burst of solar activity for 10 minutes was a sight I will never forget.

Sunset from Gribun. Light wispy cirius clouds soaking up the colours with a flat calm Atlantic. 

Northern Lights from North Mull. This was the strongest display I have seen. 

Sunset from Loch Na Keal with a lovely variety of shades of light and silhouetted conifers...

Another sunset this time over the island of Coll...

An Arctic Tern fishing for Sand eels at the Cairns of Coll...

Another Loch Na Keal sunset, the different light shades provide endless opportunities. 

Puffin on the isle of Lunga with a Guilimot colony beyond...

Common Dolphins breaching off the isle of Coll, shooting into the sun created a nice silhouette of the mammals.

Corncrake peaking out of an Iris bed on Iona. 

Bull Orca (Killer Whale) surfacing off Coll. The top predator in the ocean is rare sight in British waters so a memory I will never forget.

White-beaked Dolphins are scarce in waters off Mull so this was also a special encounter.

A close up of a Minke whale. I had a fixed 300mm lens on and when this whale surfaced so close I shot anyway and got this nice full frame image.

Common Dolphin surfacing on a flat calm sea.

Aurora over Tobermory. I stacked two images together to get this image. Solar winds were strong enough to dominate urban lights.

A famous wildlife spectacle closer to home at Gretna with the Starling murmuration in the town itself with a lovely sunset over the solway. 

At the back end of 2012 a cold spell in early December froze the River Gelt high and produced fantastic Icicles on the crag.
Thanks for Looking...


  1. Aurora for me fantastic shots on Mull lucky lad

  2. Manx Shearwaters for me too.
    Most unusual image goes to the Minke Whale:-)

  3. thanks for comments, the manxies is popular...awesome bird!