Sunday, 21 October 2012

Boring you or Auroring you?

As we are nearing the solar max and also near to the autumn equinox the aurora winds have been blowing hard and with the conditions have been in our favour I have been taking advantage enjoying some great night time displays...

Nice to make it into the famous Kilchoan Diary blog and some kind words by Jon. The blog is a great read and well worth following.

One of my Aurora photos making it in to the BBC collection

I really enjoy doing astrophotography for a number of reasons, the increased skills needed to capture the photo. The unique images you can get from it. It encourages you to be outdoors at night time when you can experience nocturnal species and the tranquil atmosphere.

Click on photos for a larger scale... 

A taster of my trip to Ardnamurchan, taken at the most westerly point of the British mainland...

Ardnamurchan point looking north with Aurora and Ursa Major (plough)...stunning

Glengorm Castle on north Mull with Aurora band and Ursa Major

Pulsing solar winds over Ardnamurchan peninsula...

Reporting Scotland with two of my photos. put it on blog for future record...

Thanks for looking everyone, eyes in the skies the next few weeks! 8-)


  1. Fantastic aurora photos Ewan.
    Could you give the details of your camera lens and settings,