Saturday, 25 August 2012

A return of the kings to Lakelands skies?

Will start with an article regarding my native Cumbria and the potential of having White-Tailed Eagles re-introduced back into the county. Think of all the positives they would bring including inspiring a percentage of the millions of visitors to the national park every year. An eagle encounter is so powerful in getting people involved in the natural world. If the project gets given the go ahead it would officially be the best news I will have ever heard...ever...full stop. 

Superb article by Terry Pickford regarding the future of Scotlands iconic Golden Eagle with territory interference continually on the increase.

The last batch of 30 Red Kites was released earlier this month in Cumbria and lets hope they go onto great breeding success in the region.

The extended wind turbine plan on the isle of Lewis has been scrapped because of the threat to bird life on the island.

There is nothing more fascinating than astronomy and here is a great story regarding Nasa's Curiosity rover which arrived on the surface of Mars after 8 months travelling. Colour panoramic photos have been captured of the Marsian landscape.

Johns new book is available called Hadrians Wildlife which focuses on wildlife and Roman history along the 73 mile stretch along the wall. It reveals the bird remains found during Roman digs revealing which species survived then and therefore what the landscape might have looked like. It will take the reader to a voyage of discovery and will be an essential companion for visitors.

My latest Focusing on Wildlife article is published regarding the breeding success of the Eagle Owls at Bowland and also comparing the mentality of the media to these birds across the continent compared to the UK

 Minke blows, circling Sula Beag

Creator loch, SEO and Harrrier seen in recent visits...

Slow Worm on forestry track, Glengorm. Nice surprise while on evening walk with Andy T, Ruth and Jayne

Andy T (professor plankton) doing lecture on Sula Beag

Scotch Argus, Its ability to survive cool temperetures means it would of been one of the first species to recolonise the UK after the last ice age. Only found in two sites in England, both in Cumbria.

A Thick blanket of cloud rolling over Ben Hiant looking from the Mishnish lochs

heading west up the sound of Mull, Manxies feeding... 

Knobble! appeared on Monday surfacing feet off our port side!

A Common Seal with rubbish of some sort wrapped round its neck, a disturbing sight thats been seen for weeks at the Cairns of Coll and the poor animal is suffering as its condition is deteriating... 

Seal colony at the Cairns, Pups are growing at a rapid speed as receiving 50% fat milk from the Cow...

Suil Ghorm lighthouse and Seal colony in the foreground... 

Arctic Tern colony at the Cairns, They all dispersed in mid July

2nd year Pom Skua on Coll...

The view from one of the Skerries on Coll looking north towards Suil Ghorm lighhouse and the islands of Eigg, Rum and Skye beyond...

RIB anchored up on beach, SLS staff bbq at the Cairns, a lovely swim with the seals and also travelling at upto 30 knots on the rib watching Shearwater effortlessly cruising past us!

A special place, come here for a lunchtime landing but nice to enjoy the peace and tranquillity here out of work!

Common Dolphin encounter, look out for two tiny calves! plus count how many times I say the word in 30 seconds!

Thanks for looking, I have been a bit behind with my updates during the hectic summer season but believe me you don't want to miss my next post ;-) cheers