Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Auror-ing Success back in Cumbria!!!

Back in Cumbria for the week and I cant really find words about the nights events on Geltsdale in the early hours of Tuesday morning, I think the pictures say it all...

Click on photos for a larger scale...

only 6-8 second exposures used as activity was very strong...

who needs to go to Iceland and Norway...Gdale, what a place!

At its 'Storm' level with change in coloration and vertical streaks...

Birch and Corsican Pine along with Alder in our garden with Strong Aurora behind  Talkin Fell...
An amazing night joined by Andy and Danny that I will never forget! It defiantly made up for missing the Red Kite and Marsh Harrier that were reported in the valley during the day and watching the spectacle with calling Barn and Tawny Owls along with a meteor shower all added to the showing. One of the best natural phenomena on the planet and it makes a mockery out of those expensive noisy embarrassing things called fireworks. I found out afterwards that I missed Made in chelsea and Only way is essex on the TV while I was out watching this which put a bit of a downer on things but never mind you cant have everything in life!

The only thing missing was having Gary here to see it as he has inspired me and taught me so much about the natural world the last few years, but I am sure we will get some great Aurora showings in the future together.

Look out for the full article and photographs in tomorrows News and Star.

Thanks for Looking 8-)


  1. Great stuff! Must be a great feeling having seen this all from home turf Ewan.
    I've gotta catch up on your Mull adventures and will!:-) Cheers.

  2. Great photos, we saw them too, absolutely awesome. We went to Lapland in January and saw a vague green glow so it was brilliant to see a much better show in our own back garden! :-)