Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Best photos of a fantastic year...

Happy new year to all!...A collection of my 50 best Wildlife / Scenic photos of a great 2010.......enjoy

The Fossil tree on the west coast of Mull, Fossil at least 50 million years old!

Flock of Canada geese flying over the village of Farlam in Jan 2010

Minke Whale breaking the water off Ardnamurchan Point, West coast of Scotland

Harbour Porpoise North of Isle of Mull

Great Skua, Pirate of the sea steals food off other birds and can swallow Puffin whole

Common Seal on Cairns of Coll

Cairns of Coll, untouched paradise island

Golden Eagle best view I've ever had of Eagle! Beauty!

White Tailed Eagle west coast of Mull, August

Looking out west to the Isle of Coll from Mull

Bass salt Rock formations formed by quick cooling Lava 50 million years ago on Mull

Sunset looking towards the Isle of Ulva

5th Hole at Brampton Golf club in October

Starving Fieldfare in January

Near Fort William Autumn colours

'The other side of the road' at Brampton GC

White Tailed Eagle, Largest eagle in Europe, 8 foot wingspan, Flew right over Whale watching boat!

WT Eagle sat near nest sight on Ardmore point, most northerly part of Mull

Waxwing at Wetheral, large influx in Winter 10/11

The Gairs view point up Geltsdale Valley, looking towards the Solway and Scotland

Sessill Oak, 800 years old by Castle Carrock Reservoir

Starving Yellowhammer in very cold spell in December 2010

Haweswater, Cumbria, Best place in England

Rigingdale valley, Haweswater, Home of the only Golden Eagle in England

Fieldfare foraging January 2010

Wahay! Tommy Milo looking under Graham Swann at Talkin Tarn

West coast sunset on Mull

Buz! on a dead branch at Talkin Head January 2010

Looking North from Gdale, Feb 2010

The Great Freeze in Jan, Castle Carrock fell

Turnstone at Whitehaven harbour, great camouflage

Mans face in rock at St Bees head

Cormorant city at St Bees Head!

Osprey pair on nest at Thrieve Castle! May

Swallow in Garden after flying into window

young Lamb at Geltsdale, one for Laurie!

Smooth Newt in Geltsdale wood, Looks like a dinosaur from an old movie film because you cant get a scale of size

Juvenile Kestrel ready to fledge! Gdale June

Pied Flycatcher Gdale, May

Adder! coming out to bask and get a bit of sun at Binnie Banks, June

Rowlands Gill, Sunflower field

Goldfinch in the garden, Summer 2010

Sun set Ash Tree up at the Greens

Young brood of Great Tits Gdale woods May 2010

7 spotted Ladybird

Even younger brood of Great Tits

Brown Trout in the Gelt

Buzzard nest two chicks, looking down while the pair circle above keeping a close eye

Meadow Pipit nest in long grass

I can see you! two young Kestrels get first look at the dominant species on the planet....human being.