Saturday, 19 February 2011

Otters, Long Tailed Duck and more......

Castle Carrock reservoir...a great wildlife area

4 Canada Geese...flight shot....

Lovely sunshine today (01-03)

3 Goldeneye
20 plus Wigeon
25 Canada Geese
30 Graylag
Little Grebe
2 Buzzards
4 Mallard

26 Whooper swans by Crosby A689 (28-02)

new female Barn Owl on Gdale....John and Rob ringed the bird and got a photo of its upper wing....The old female went missing last year and a new young replacement moved in to make the pair...stunning

Roe Deer - A Lovely evening in mid Feb and it was off to look for Long Eared Owl which breed near by. This hind Roe Deer posed nicely for a photo on my trek up the valley.

1 of 5 Buz - 5 Buzzards on Gdale enjoying the sun, starting to pair up....

Windermere, looking south - A trip down to Lake Windermere on the third week of Feb and with reports that a curious family of Otters were spending a lot of time under and around the pontoon at Waterhead harbour it was defiantly worth a closer look!

Otter hiding under the pontoon at Windermere - upto 3 Otters showing very well and a distant forth came to join them! Also Kingfisher flying in and out from under harbor.

4 Otters showing well at Waterside just south of Ambleside - 2 young cubs on show and they will soon be starting to spread so I made the most of it with a few visits to the area.

Motion dive...Otters are known to be timid creatures but you would never think that when watching this family porpoising and been inquisitive in front of an entertained audience.

"Hows the coffee?"2 Jackdaws enjoying a spot of Brunch...One of my faves bird full of character and here is your evidence of Crows intelligence as a happy couple managed to book a table for two and enjoy a pleasant spot of tea by the lake.

1st Winter Long Tailed Duck showing well - It wasn't short of excitement down at Waterhead with an LTD showing nicely to keep us entertained while the otters weren't about!

Most north point of Lake Windermere looking south - Another stunning area of the National park...a bit more work to promote and encourage wildlife and with a few eagles thrown

"Ive dropped a quid help us find it Jackie lad" Jackdaws washing them selves, they were also a joy to watch wizzing around picking off the scraps dropped by generous tourists, they are really bonnie birds as well with a dinosaur / raptor look about them if that makes sense???...but i suppose all birds do in their own way

Chewey Goose! Just chilling....all the ducks / geese are a bit tamer in the area and they are more comfortable with the presence of humans. Even more so if they have food in their hands.

LTD on Windermere - I think it was confirmed as a first winter some hairy fella told me down that way.

Canada drying wings

Well another great few weeks experiencing the fantastic wildlife around Cumbria. Im off to Isle of Mull on Sunday 6th March to work for the season as a Wildlife guide so my blogging will continue on a weekly basis from up there!
There will be some very different sightings included that you wouldn't really associate with the uplands of Geltsdale like Minke Whale and Basking Shark to confuse the readers but cant wait to get going and get involved with all the wildlife on Mull.
I will greatly miss covering all the wildlife in my area throughout the breeding season but I will keep track of all the progress happening and try and keep the readers informed.

Here is a little preview video of Sealife Surveys the company I will be working for based in Tobermory........ might as well give them a decent plug to please my boss Jimbo and as I understand my blog is read globally world wide by literally 10s of people so I am now going to expect a huge increase in punters and interest for SLS in the coming season!


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