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Scenery and Landmarks on Eagle Island Summer 2010

The scenery on Isle of Mull is truly spectacular especially when the sun comes out and lights everywhere up. You also get the west coast sunsets and and a large veriaty of of landscapes and habitats to choose from. I tried to see most of the landmarks on the island when I had days off and a bit of spare time.

West coast sunset

This photo was taken just south of the Ulva ferry crossing looking out towards the atlantic ocean with Isle of Ulva on the left and the west part of Mull sticking out on the right. Me and Yorkie (Sarah Blake) followed the sun around the island one evening to get some cracking scenic oppertunities with the different shades of light.

Looking out towards Ulva

Again same location but with different light levels creating magic effects. The location is a good all round spot where we stopped as just on the other side of the road is a good area to see Golden Eagle with myself having a few good sightings of the birds. You just have to sit and scan the area and with a bit of patiance you will get success. Also its a good spot for Otters and waders as well as the west coast sun sets that we have seen. Easy access roadside and parking makes it a good all round spot.

Crofters house by Loch Na Keal

On our way around the island I spotted this nice photo oppertunity of a crofters cottage with the livestock in the foreground and the typical rugged Mull terrian in the backdrop.

A view out south west from the Loch Na Keal road. A superb sea loch it is which I have had success with sightings such as Bottlenose Dolphin, WT Eagles fishing, Arctic Tern, Red Throated Diver and Osprey in the few times I was there.

A momument dedicated to a lord of the isles

A day off and an organised large costal walk to get to a Fossill tree that is 50 million years in age! I bought a little 'guided walks of Mull' book and this was one of the recommended routes, and it wasent just a great tracks to do with scenery and wildlife on the way but it had a superb landmark and an incentive and purpose to complete the route in a 50 million year old fossill of a tree trunk!

basalt rock columns

Isle of Mull was created by volcanic upeavals millions of years ago and all around the island there are these natural basalt lava formations in the most beautiful shapes and sizes. They are created by the slow cooling process of the volcanic lava.

The last stretch of the walk follows the west coast along and I needed to check the tide tables to make sure I wasent going to catch the tide coming in!

It was a walk of great variety which started with upland and heather continuing down to the coastal track and then down to the shore line. I didn't pass any other walkers during the whole journey and I discovered during my time that mull is not a big attraction for walkers and that the recommended routes were not well worn or used and also never walkers in sight. Im guessing Ben More would be the big attraction as it is one of the munros.

Some fantastic wild flowers on route but its a shame I could not identify them but they were impressive anyway!

Photography is done in rule of thirds! superb high cliff faces towering over you as I followed the path along with waterfalls flowing down and both Goldie and White-tailed Eagles soaring overhead showing really well! it truly was a quality day all round!

Fossil tree....done!

I made it after a long 7 mile trek on all sorts of uneven terrain and my ankle was feeling strong also so that was great! The tree itself has been raided from fossil hunters in the last few decades but still is an impressive spectacle when you look at it and broaden your mind a bit to think of the remains of this free dates back 50 million years on the planet! this sort of thing fascinates me! not how much did your car cost or my suit cost over a one cares move on!

Working on the boats all the time gave me some good opportunities for ocean pictures and it didn't disappoint when the sun was out the effects were stunning.

Ardamurchan lighthouse with a sale boat to the left. The point of land is the most westerly part of mainland Britain. This was a good area for Minke whales this summer with a lot of the sightings been in these waters. Ardamerchan itself is an area I want to explore a bit more as I had a brief visit their in autumn 2008 to see Pine Martin I would like to have a good luck around as it is a remote area where wildlife rules so their good be some good sightings made like Scottish Wildcat!

Some days we had trips where the sun was shining a bit of heat and the water was like a pond and there was whales surfacing either side and sharks surrounding the boat and gannets dive bombing! :-)

High Scottish mountains all around makes the scenery twice as good and ive heard that views in the winter time with the snowy mountain tops are a little bit special.

This farm was in a very remote area on the southern fiohnphort road and had tremendous secenry looking out to the mouth of Loch Na Keal and also looking inland was huge steep terrain where I got two Golden Eagles circling above the skyline. I was on my way to visit the Mcminans sea cave on the south west part of the island.

After a two mile trek I made it to the cave and it was an impressive sight with a high waterfall to the left. I went into the cave and it was about 75 / 100 yards in depth but I didn't go to the far end as I had just watched the film 'The ring' the night before so was still a bit freaked out by that! I sound more like Wildlife Worrior' but thats the way it is, honesty is the key!

Another special location in the area and it is Cairns of Coll. It is a small collection of islands off the northern part of isle of Coll I mentioned it in my earlier posting. It is a two hour boat trip to get their from Tobermory and you cover some good whale grounds on the way to it.

Loch Na Keal, Hot spot for all sorts of wildlife....

Ben More Mountain range behind the sea loch....

Map and layout of Mull pointing out a few of the landmarks and locations I visited ( Click on image for close up)

Tobermory where I stayed for my time, Lovely little place with a smashing bakery, chicken tikka sandwitches are a great success! also Peregrine Falcon nesting on the church tower :-) :-)

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