Thursday, 27 May 2010

Pied Flycatcher return and Adders appear at last...

Swallow having a rest from collecting nesting material

First Swift seen on the 28th of the month, I tried to lure it in using my iphone call but there was no sign of it.

I headed up the new water valley to check the woodland birds and to see if our reptile friends had appeared yet. It was a scorching hot day in mid May so I was pretty confident of seeing some snakes. When I got to the woodland I got Crossbill, Pied Flycatcher pair and Lesser Redpoll.

Common Shrew venom attack by Adder

As I approached Snake territory I came across this fresh Vole kill that had been tagged by an Adder using Venom and the Snake will be back later to feed on it.

Female Adder

After scanning the fell side for around 45 minutes I found 4 Adders which is not bad going. I still have large areas of the fell to check for the snakes as well as Common Lizards so I will keep you posted with how I fair.

Pied Fly

Lesser redpoll

Redpoll in flight

Pet Newt for the day

My dad had a surprise for me when I arrived home.....a Smooth Newt in a jam jar! Not everyone's ideal present but I was delighted with it. I checked out its features and played with it for a while and then did the right thing and release it back into its natural environment as it is far more rewarding to watch any living organism in their natural state and surrounding.

Speckled Wood


A Goldie eyeing up some dandelion seeds in the garden. It shows that if you let your garden grow a bit and don't try and maintain it and crop it short and tidy like every Tom, Dick and Abdul do then you can attract a great abundance of wildlife

Brown hare

Geltsdale sunning it up!

A lovely hot spell of weather on the 3rd weekend of May and I made the most of it playing golf, swimming in the river Gelt and out looking for wildlife and photo opportunities. Got some great views of Short Eared Owls on the sunny evenings

Lone Ash Tree up on the Greens Moorland

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