Saturday, 9 January 2010

The Great Freeze (January 1st - 15th)

Lapwing, Geltsdale (Click on photos for Larger scale!)

Still huge amount of snow and freezing temperatures. It reached -19 at Heads Nook just outside Carlisle and there talking about new records been reached since recordings started but saying that they have only been taking records for past 100-150 years and the time span is literally a blink of an eye in the age of Great Britain and the earth do it is hard to compare those results taken and look any further into climate conditions.
It also gives the 'fingers up' to the environmentalists trying to make money off the whole 'global warming' carry on. Making them look like a laughing stock when were experiencing coldest winters in decades and there saying we can make a difference on the natural warming of the planet over 10,000's of years.

Moving onto the wildlife and I have been making the most of the conditions which have been a photographers dream at the start of the year with fresh white snow and clear blue sky...glorious scenery, unbelievable to experience.
A solitary Lapwing through over my head while me and John Milo were watching hundred's of Grouse on the Geltsdale Uplands. A ring-tail Hen Harrier flew past as well disturbing the Grouse...what a bird!


A Hungry Fieldfare was not effected by the human disturbance and carried on its feeding attempts. A beautiful thrush, great to see them close up, hope it survives the extreme conditions!


The same bird enjoying a red berry from a Rowan Tree on the Geltsdale uplands. Im worried for the wildlife in these conditions, I hope it fairs up a lot and most of the wild creatures make it through the tough times. They are designed and addapted so well that I am confident they will make it thorough, I am sure the british species have endured tougher times in past years gone by!

What a joy and a reward it is to feed our feathered friends and get them approaching so close. I forgot how magic it is! There I am feeding a hungry Mute Swan. there was no bread at home so I took a couple of Bagels with me but the ducks didn't seen to complain with the full fat American bread buns.
The Tarn included Tufted Duck, Moorhen, Coot, Goldeneye, Goosander but no LT Duck or Kingfisher on show on this day.


A foraging Redwing by the tarn woodland, again a beauty up close! The cold desperate conditions are effecting the birds behaviour as they are more approachable which is good for photographing but you don't want to disturb them to much in this hard time.

Canada Goose Flock

I used the sports mode setting with this photo to get a flight shot of the Canada Geese heading towards the tarn. Normally the continuous sports mode isn't very effective but it came out well this time. Must of been to do with the superb light and slow moving geese. I put this photo on facebook and even Flaurence my mate even liked this one and he doesent like anything! he calls me Geltsdale Wildlife Worrier! He likes certain wildlife like small garden birds but I am going to persuade him to see the good in Raptors and British mammals as well, that's my aim!

Common Buzzard

On the way back from the tarn we got a real treat with this semi close up. Great effect with the coverings of snow on the dead branch makes it a good winter wildlife photo. They seem to be in great numbers at the moment which is great news and is good to have a bit of positivity relating to conservation which makes me happy happy!

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