Saturday, 9 January 2010

December Scenery....Enjoy

Lonely Larch (click on the pics for a larger scale view!)

Conifer Plantation, Geltsdale (Home of Long Eared Owl)

The Big Rock!, Gelt River High Hynam

Hynam Wood, Silver birch

Talkin Tarn

Sheep arnt white there's your proof! more like creamy colour

Talkin Head Mound

Hynam Wood, the start of the great Freeze!

Geltsdale Valley, The river Gelt Meandering its way down

Scots Pine, view looking to uplands

Ponies at Talkin Head, they have spotted me..

More snow to come! just when you think its the worst of it..

Talkin Tarn, No walking on the Ice!

Mute Swan posing for the camera

One of three ponds in Hynam Wood, will be full of life this spring..cant wait!

Looking towards Talkin Tarn at the start of December what a differece to the current conditions..its a whole new world!

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