Saturday, 28 November 2009

Autumn Colours, Splendid Scenery (November)

A college trip out to Haweswater started off the month in the first Sunday of November. A full car load made the hour journey down with me, Gary, Aine, Helen and Annita present. When we arrived the weather was drizzly with low cloud so wasn't the best conditions but this part of the experience and the challenge. We planned to do High street which is the route that goes right around the valley where the lone male Golden Eagle is situated. We started off on the track that goes up the side of the ridge approaching Heron crag and continuing onto Eagle Crag.

Helen and Anitta turned around about half an hour in as Annita did not feel very well so they continued to do a different route up that was more easy going. So there was just the three of us left to venture to high street and around the valley. We were making really good time as we all had quick legs and soon made it to the old Roman road of High Street in about an hour and when we got there we found a covering of snow at the peak which was a nice surprise!

No Golden Eagles of yet but always great to see and hear the Ravens. We also seen a good number of Red Deer lower down in the valley but it was to late in the year to hear there famous Rutting calls.

Once we made it right round the valley we got back down to lower ground by Haweswater lake and with the sun dropping it made for nice lighting for some good scenic shots. Me and Gary posing in this one but there is a bit of a gap between us as you can see there its not as shnug as it used to be the romance is going I recon.

Nice scenic shot looking through the European Larch onto Haweswater it's self. Interesting Historical facts about the area are that there used to be two villages under the lake up until as late as 1930s people used to live there until a decision was made to create a large man made dam and flood the whole area at the bottom of the valley covering the villages. The reason behind this was to create a water supply for the greater Manchester area which is still present to this day. Its amazing to think that in early last century it used to be so different with people living in the beautiful remote area with nesting Eagles flying overhead and now its changed so much not for the better but just a big change in general. I wonder what the locals thought though when they were told they had to find another place to live as there houses were gonna be swamped by water from the fells above.

Another nice scenic shot coming back down and round High Street. Did not see the Eagle this time but I have got a good record this year with an over 50% success ratio so I will take that!

Glorious Geltsdale on a lovely Autumn day. I no everyone is talking about missing the summer time and winter is upon us but I love the change in seasons and the different seasons and variation it creates. Geltsdale is world class in the Autumn season with the superb colouration and raptors circling above with huge flocks of Fieldfare and Redwing surging through the valley.

Great Views from Talkin Head were i walk the dogs. Look out to the scots side on a clear day you can see up to 60 miles of visibility. Always a great chance of seeing Sparrowhawk as well when your up there as well as Black, Red Grouse. There was a great viewing point from the track for nesting Buzzards as well this year it was superb!

Me and Gary decided to go for a potter further up Geltsdale valley as far as the waterworks where the adders are. We were hoping to see possible Harrier, Peregrine, Merlin but when we got there, there was a certain disturbance..there was guys dressed as twats with whisky flasks driving on quad bikes following hound dogs around the Geltsdale new water valley. I don't know what the political correct term for them is...oh yeah morons that's the ticket. To much disturbance but we did see a Buzzard and a Kestrel. Gary had stayed the night I had given him the double bead and i slept on the floor with the rats cos i am a good companion. The next day we were looking out to Geltsdale valley from my very own bird hide from the computer room and there was two buzzards making their way down the valley in hunting mode always a joy to watch especially viewing them from my window while sitting on my new bar stool I bought from amazon for £20 which makes viewing the wildlife on show even better chiling on a swivel bar stool. Its superb I can swivel the seat to talk to john or look at the computer then swivel it straight back at the window and get the binoculars out to scan the whole valley in front of me. complete corker!

A day visit to St Bees on the west coast of Cumbria to do a bit of sea watching as it was a splendid day with great light and visibility. I got this great scenic shot with the sunlight creating a great effect on the ocean. I spoke to a lady from Sea Watch Foundation on the phone and she said that you do still get Porpoise and Dolphin close to land during the winter months so I had a quick scan with no joy but it is good to know that there still about. Next year I'm gonna have great Success with Cetaceans hey Gary 2010 is gonna be the year!

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