Friday, 12 June 2009

Great Langdale (01/06/09)

Stayed the night in a camp site up in Great Langdyke cos it was offered to me for zero pounds and zero pence and when i got there the first thing i noticed was that it stank of human poo which was hardly a pleasant start. Took ages to put my tent up and when i did get it up it was covered in mould which didnt look good but was just happy i got it up in the end. Also dont want to sound like a winge but the camp site was riddled with midgees cos it was a damp evening no wind and the camp site was surrounded by gorse and dense vegitation. I set out for a walk to get away from the smell and spotted a bird half way up the hill side which i could not identify with my own knowlodge as I have got a lot to learn about the smaller bird types been the sparrows, buntings, finches, thrushes, chats all those types. I got out my trusty collins book and the first thing i noticed was its sandy breast and blue / grey back so I scanned a few pages to find that it was a Wheatear.

A few Ravens about but not much else to see as i followed a track up a mountains edge to see where it would take me and over the brow i could see a small tarn in the distance next to a farm completly in the middle of no mans land. I came across a collection of ponds next to the path so started checking it out to find half a douzen smooth newts and stayed a while to look out for palamte newts which are slightly larger and have slightly webbed feet and a flat pannel tail but had no joy.

I got up to the tarn but there was nothing insight no wildlife at all so i hanged around for five minutes then it was getting dark so i made my way back to the camp site and on the way back noticed a monkey puzzle tree all on its own on the fell side so i got a half decent shot of it using a smart effect on my phone as you can make out from the snap shot below.

I have just realised that there was no point me putting this post on the blog because i dont see any wildlife on it and just moan a bout a few things but it took me a bit to type up infact four hours work while i was at the sport centre so i mihgt aswell post it anyway!

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