Thursday, 4 June 2009

Grasmere (Rydal Water) Wed 27th May

Stopped off at the first remote spot I could find when I was down working at the National trust Regional offices and came a cross a splendid peace of water called Rydal Water with a nice veriaty of surrounding woodland, Fellside and Craggs and cliff faces. I parked up in the car park in the woodland roadside and took the risk of not paying for my parking as I think the vultures should of gone home for the day, anyway after goiong back to the car twice as I left my tree book then my old sneakers I headed out following the public routes to see if where they would take me.
I came across a woodland river which leads into Rydal water and got some great views of a grey Heron and got a couple of decent snap shots which you will see below. I followed it down the river as it kept making its way down stream slowely before taking off for good.
Making my way through the forrest I came across a lot of grey squirrels which i still dont mind but obviouslly because of the situation I prefer the reds all day long. Alos half a douzen Roe deer along the public route through the woodland and as you would know they are very timid and soon get a shift on.
Did one tree Id stop to identify a Rowan and think in future i will be able to distinguish it without the use of my super pocket book!
Next up a personal highlight of mine! as you step out of the woodland and into the open there is a large cliff face clearly in view and I looked up to see a raptor of some sort circling straight up, after analysing its features for a while identifying the pointed wing tips, size and flight pattern i got excited when coming to the conclusion that it was a peregrine falcon! I got my magic bird book out just to clarify the sighting and what confimed it was the chettering kek kek kek kek call been made which meant peregrine! Success! After admiring the raptor for bout 10 minutes i made tracks to add to that treat of a sighting and heard two cuckoos calling at each other but i was unable to spot them in the plantaion next to the lake.

Nice View looking out to Rydal Water with the sun shinning on a Splendid oak in the field infront

Action Shot of the heron taking off! shame i only had my phone camera and not my Nikon P90 which must be getting delivered from Uzbekistan by a guy on a camel!

Grey Heron Just Chiling

A good look out point pic does not do it justice at all! That old ChestNut!

Making my way round the lake I spyed two great spotted woodpeckers going past me with their distinctive undulating flight.
A duck came up close to the waters edge with an unfamillier colour pattern and long thin beak, I would of got a pic of it put as you have seen my camera is crud put scanning through my book I came to the conclusion that it was a pair of shoveler ducks as they are similar to a female mallard in the summer season and it was the only one of its kind in the duck with the obvious length of beak.
On my way back round to the car i watched a dipper collecting food for its young hungry bobbing chick which was good to see as i admired the happenings for a good five minutes. Walking road side back to the car I called into Badger Bar hoping to watch barca stuff manure in the european cup final but there was no tv in the pub and just a few bodgers propping up the bar as it was a bit of a shit tip i moved on back to the car. and headed up to my heap of a youth hostel to share a room wid some pompus toffanators! over and out

Sightings Record (27/05/09)

  • Peregrine Falcon!
  • 2 Great spotted woodpecker
  • 2 Cuckoo
  • 2 Dipper
  • 6 Roe Deer
  • 2 Shoveler Duck
  • 8 Grey Squirrel
  • Grey Heron
  • 3 Oyster Catcher
  • 10+ Greylag Geese
  • 20+ Canada Geese

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