Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Afternoon Geltsdale strole with Woody and Suzie

Headed out at about 12 noon GMT and as I was checking the skies for rain clouds a woodcock flew past the kitchen window so it was a nice suprice to the day. It was forcast showers but was clear for the time being so I ventured out with the two pooches Woody and Suzie by my side for good company and someone to talk to. Also got my pocket tree book which my mum bought me from Aberdeen the other month and has been very well used sinse and provided essential knowlodge and information in my tree identification skills. I recon I can identify 9 or 10 trees with my own skills without the magic book so im making progress and happy with it! On the track town to the river Gelt I made a successful identification of a young Elder tree so was good start. Every time I go down the track now I am learning a new tree type and have got most of them covered on the stretch down the track so am delighted with that! Main ones are European Larch which is my fave tree, and some young Oak which i also identified today, also scotts pine towards the bottom of the track.
did not see a dipper today down by the bridge but yesterday there was one sat on a rock very close by with its clear white chest facing me. The three of us headed up to the small woodland which i am going to have to call 'John Milos wood' as he was responsible for the plantation 20 odd years ago which is full of mature silver birch at 20 meters in height. Also present in the woodland are three ponds also created by the man himself and they have plenty of life in them. Plenty of Smooth Newts visible again but wiht no help from the dogs lapping the water every minute or so and eyeing up the dog looking back at them in the reflection. No sign of the P-F Catcher but the constant rain showers diddnt help with the viewing.
I moved up onto Talkin Head hoping for Yellowhammer and Sparrowhawk again and as I got upto the top Could hear plenty of mewing from the buzzards above as they came out to display as there was a break in the clouds. I counted upto six at one time and had some stunning views of them with clear visibility of their under wing colouration. I followed one into a potential nest site in a tree by wannops farm so am gonna check that out in the next few days so will keep you posted on that. Made tracks home as weather started pishing again so as I was heading down Milos wood again looked up to see a female sparrowhawk with its distinguishable flap flap glide flight pattern. it was also joined by a female kestrel and you could see the comparison in size and also the difference in wingshapes with the kestrels pointy wings and the Sparrowhawks rounded more sepherical wing tips. Also heard a strange clicking alarm call made by some bird which was obviouslly aware of the predators above. Another success with sightings tree knowlodge coming along and had more rewards when heading towards Brampton later in the day A great spotted Woodpecker flew right past me with its obvious undulating flight pattern.
On another note just to update the sightings from a week ago Me, gary and Rachel went out into the Geltsdale valley one pleasant evening and witnessed a Peregrine Falcon and a Short eared Owl in one view so that was another highlight of recent times.
Just to say there will be some cracking snap shots uploaded onto my blog of sightings made (if im quick enough) but im just waiting on a new camara to get delivered this week sometime with a strong zoom to get close to thew action so Will let you know when its arrived and you will be able to tell by the quality of the images. So over and out for now!

Sightings Record (20-05-09)
  • 6 Buzzards
  • 2 Kestrels
  • Sparrowhawk
  • Smooth Newts 20+
  • great spotted Woodpecker
  • Elder tree Identified

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